Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's On! Selecting A Cover Design!

When the publisher asked my opinion about potential cover designs for my book, the reality hit: I'm all in. I'm doing it. I've birthed a novel and am putting it out there for the world to criticize or compliment. It's like having an ugly baby (which I didn't because both of my kids were traffic-stopping cute); you may suspect it, but don't want to hear it.

You would think I could take a hit, I've been a TV news anchor & reporter, a political mouthpiece and the fall-gal for more than one leader; but there is something about creating something from within yourself that is different. My main character comes from a voice inside of me and tells me her story. She shows me a bit of her world and I write it. She gives a glimpse and I fill in the blanks. I've had help. Great help from many places, but the seed is Sarah.  The characters in her world are composites from my world who play roles in her evolution. The sequence of events do not relate to the private spaces of my life, but manage to offer a release of creative energy and the need to express.

I want my books (yes, I've already started 2 & 3) to be that cheap vacation when your mind needs to be somewhere else, but your wallet ain't ready. I want the stories to give you a place to visit while on a plane and you can't sleep. And I want Sarah to be as real to you, as she has become to me. She's a woman of contradictions, passions and fear. She's learning to listen less to the voices without and hold tight to the guidance within.

This writing thing is so hard....but I can't stop. I hope you feel that way about reading it!


  1. A long time in coming. I remember when those voices in your head first started speaking. Some of us were always afraid they would turn out to be just voices in your head, that only you could hear. Now, we can all read what you heard.

  2. Hey Myra - Thought you would enjoy Gene Weingarten's latest column. He talks about the criticism he gets in his signature humor. Enjoy! ~Theresa

  3. Hahahaha! Allen I love and miss you! Thanks much, Theresa. I'll check it out!

  4. So cool....good for you Myra! Can't wait to read it (and the sequels)!


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