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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why No book sales?....Problems..Issues... Gotta Breathe....Breathe...

I can't beg everyone to buy the print version of my book, Pushed Times, Chewing Pepper because if you use, the sale will automatically cancel. Amazon, appears to be fine, but let's wait for the books to arrive. is the publisher and I assume that order will work----I'll confirm when the books get here.

Nothing blows excitement like a logjam, but hey----I've overcome much worse.

I guess it's not the right time to promote. The choreography of the Universe always work for my greatest good!  All I have to do is....breathe.....


  1. ...and this too shall "chewing pepper in pushed times."

  2. As someone advised me, "Inhale positive and exhale positive."

  3. Thanks for the true! :)


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