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Thursday, December 4, 2014

A New Beginning... such a strange phrase...can a beginning ever not be new?

Anyway, I will have a new beginning for my not new book, Pushed Times, Chewing Pepper. 

A new edition of the mystery will be released in early 2015 published by Pushed Times Publishing, LLC.

Yep. I started a publishing company.  The second book, Pushed Times, Hang in There (Lache Pas Las Patate)---It's another Creole/Cajun expression and a long story, will be the second of Sarah's mystical evolution.  I promist this story will grip you in the gut, tighter than the first! That's all I'll say for now... more to come! Lache pas las palate! Bon Jour!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

When life changes....

In my mystery novel, Pushed Times, Chewing Pepper, Sarah Doucette Jean-Louis has to re-write her life after a relationship turned sour mars her reputation and destroys her practice as a family therapist.

Most of us will face a life-changing experience requiring us to dig deep into our inner strength to find a new meaning for our lives. We can relate to Sarah because there's a bit of Sarah in all of us; too trusting, too naive, but strong enough to believe in better days.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Yes," My piece from writer's bootcamp, Day 9

10 days, 1000 words or less using only prompts and suggested themes as muse. The kind of challenge that let's you know if you really want to write, this is what it takes.  In day 9, the lead line was: "It was the kind of town they warned us about."  The themes: siblings and saying, yes.  


It was the kind of town they warned us about in better circles of people, hatred had a smell like old sweat and sour beer. But sometimes life pulls us down making jealous siblings comfortable, and insecure strangers happy.

It was the kind of life I spent a lifetime running from, but it chased me until it overpowered my optimism and pulled me into the mire. Because sometimes sheer will is not enough and we give in to give up. 

It was the kind of day with no end. I left the big city, dejected by divorce and embarrassed by the secret everyone knew. Thinly veiled grins from those who’d never risen, celebrated my dissent.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Another beautiful dish from Creole cook, Janelle Mercier!

Janelle says: This salad looks like rice but actually is pasta...

Here are her instructions, cher: cook these little darlings..and while you do that you chop up garlic, belle peppers, zucchini and herbs..saute the all in a pan..add some brown sugar, wine, balsamic..pepper, hot vinegar, a bit of honey ...some chili flakes for extra taste...creole know the drill^^

while they get nice (soft still with a bite to it) you mix the boiled pasta rice with fresh tomatos, olives, lemon juice, more pepper, fresh herbs....somme capers too

add the stuff from the pan..and boom...lunch is served...did you bring your fork darlin`?

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