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Friday, February 13, 2015

A Valentines Day Love Spell.... Bon Chance!

That's how we roll..... LOL!

Love Spell
You will need:
A sampler size of your favorite scent
A pink candle
First carve a heart in your candle with a tack or toothpick. Light the candle
in a window where it will receive moonlight (full moon light is best).
Put the scent container in front of the candle and say:
Venus, grant me the love that I lack;
Through this scent, my mate attract!
Let the candle burn out naturally, then carry the scent with you, spraying on
a little whenever you are out or may be meeting people. Increase the power of
the magic by repeating the invocation as you put on the scent!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Writer's Boot Camp. Not Easy, but uh....that's Boot Camp!

Writing can be an elusive, lonely and addictive practice. Every so often, we have to come out of our shells, (or basements) and open to real world, professional critique.

My writing coach offers it online 2x a year. Max Regan, the best!

Give yourself this gift. You will write 10,000 words in 10 days and learn.  Yep. Learn.

Max Regan's Boot Writer's Boot Camp!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sometimes I write a poem....2014

The magic of twelve months broken into days moves swiftly past in a life-wielding haze.

My spirits danced, my heart broke and it vanished all in one vast stroke

Of the energy called life, the gift we call luck and the mystery we call God. 

This year went  by with the predictable speed of failures, triumphs and changing needs

And as I close this golden book, I promise to give it only one last look

On a year that has moved into memory and created a grand new life for me. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A New Beginning... such a strange phrase...can a beginning ever not be new?

Anyway, I will have a new beginning for my not new book, Pushed Times, Chewing Pepper. 

A new edition of the mystery will be released in early 2015 published by Pushed Times Publishing, LLC.

Yep. I started a publishing company.  The second book, Pushed Times, Hang in There (Lache Pas Las Patate)---It's another Creole/Cajun expression and a long story, will be the second of Sarah's mystical evolution.  I promist this story will grip you in the gut, tighter than the first! That's all I'll say for now... more to come! Lache pas las palate! Bon Jour!

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